Consulting with personality. More than just impersonal HR Consulting.

There is no need to change your Human Resource Management, its tools and processes every year but you need to keep them updated. You may need to address a new strategic goal, some market development or changes in perceptions of ethics and values in the wider society.

You can´t lose sight of any of these and a view from outside can be very helpful to reflect necessary changes. That external insight can both give assurance and help accelerate action. It helps you answer keys questions - What is important for us? Are we focusing on the right thing? Do we do things right?

My guiding theme "strengthening strengths and weakening weaknesses" counts for people as well as for HR tools and processes. My approach is highly personal - not only does the individual have to be the focus of all reflections and ideas but also I feel strongly that every advisory process deserves an personal and individual approach.

The personal approach.

Setting goals together. And achieving them in common.

Strategic HR Consulting
Advising on systemic topics such as

  • Customised Career planning and skills development
  • Succession planning and career development for organisations

Potential Appraisal

  • Capability diagnostic and assessment (individual vs. target position)
  • Improving the Drivers of Employer Branding
  • Development, implementation and execution of proven instruments as
    • Appraisals
    • Feedback tools as 360/peer to peer/ upward
    • Assessment and Development centres

Operational support such as

  • Improvement of processes and service levels agreeements
  • Remuneration schemes

Shaped by practice, not theory.

The importance of empathy.

I have gained senior-level Human Resources Management expertise over more than 20 years of working at national and international Professional Service Firms.

I have learned the importance of balancing an organisation's need to achieve its strategic aims through ensuring its "human resources" possess top quality knowledge, skills & expertise with treating each and every person working in the organisation as an individual. Treat people as individuals and they are motivated to support the business. Treat them as "human resources" and they just go through the motions.

Of course, I´ve been shaped by the various organisations I worked with. Be it the period in the financial sector, be it topic- and project-driven work in national and international teams within an extremely demanding and challenging environment or be it just the hands-on-approach which has always been my style.

A key element of my recent experience has been the re-organisation and re-structuring of tasks, processes, departments within HR. Challenging work which can deliver real value when you get it right and which can lead to chaos if you get it wrong.

The best back-up: a good team.

A team of specialists.

Over my years of professional activity I had the pleasure of working with many interesting and highly competent people. I can draw on this network of professionals to help me put together a team of specialists (strategy, coaching, organisational development, outsourcing etc.) to address the problems my clients face.

My approach is flexible and tailor made, always with the personal touch.